Hidden in the account of creation is the revelation of God’s glory and that through creation. He might receive worship. He created the heavenly beings whose eternal duty is to worship Him. He also created man in His own image whom He gave ‘a free will’. He desires that the worship He receives in heaven is stretched into the time frame of earth. Hence, He created man with a desire to worship Him.

Worship in the Hebrew means to ‘kneel’ and in Greek it means ‘to kiss the feet like a dog’. This reflects submission. Worship is total surrender to God and an acknowledgement of the sovereignty of God. It is more than a song, it is a lifestyle. A true worshiper is one whose life brings pleasure to the Father through obedience.
However, since God desires worship, satan desires worship too. He fears the worship of God. This is one reason why believers should put worship into all we do. If we are defeated in worship, we are defeated in all other things.
Man is a tripartite being. He is a spirit, has soul and lives in a body. As a spirit being, he can relate with God who is also a Spirit (John 4:23-24). He has the capacity to worship God because he is a spirit being. Worship takes place in the spirit and heart of man.

Lev. 6:12:
‘’And the fire on the altar shall be kept burning on it; it shall not be put out. And the priest shall burn wood on it every morning and lay the burnt offering in order on it; and he shall on it the fat of the peace offering’’.

The heart of man is the altar where worship ascends to God. On the altar God instructs that the fire shall not be put off. The desire to worship God must not be quenched by anything but be rekindle always!
Sin remains the only thing that can quench the fire of worship. Satan has so filled the hearts of men with confusion and wickedness (Rom 1:28) that it becomes hard to worship God. When our hearts are covered with evil and unclean thoughts, how can we freely worship God. Therefore, to rekindle the fire of worship, we must purge our hearts of sin and continuously meditate on God’s word because worship comes by revelation. For when we see Him as God, we can only fall down humbly and worship. Worship comes only from seeing. It does not come because we see doctrine. It is revelation. When you know God, your heart will be filled with glory. Glory cannot be explained, but those who see God know what glory is.
The whole life of God’s people should be a life of worship. Begin each day of life with worship. Remember worship in all matters of life. The more we worship, the more reason we will have to worship Him.

PS: This article was sent in by Rotimi Akinduro (RCCF, Umuahia, Abia State)