Spirit-filled worship is a worship orchestrated by the Holy Spirit. It’s a worship void of all selfish ambitions. We could say it is worship led by the Holy Spirit. It is a worship borne from the fulfilment of the very essence of our creation. We are created to worship (Rom. 12:1). In Spirit-filled worship, we don’t worship God because of what He can do for us or what He will do, but we worship Him because of His Nature. God requires worshipers that will worship Him from their spirits, whether the going is smooth or not. It is worship with the Help of the Holy Spirit.
1. Relationship: there must be a relationship between the worshipper and the Holy Spirit. This is true because you can’t worship effectively what you don’t know. (Acts 17:23). There must be a relationship with the Word also.
2. Revelation: The Holy Spirit promotes one’s understanding of the truth concerning Christ. (Eph 4:4). The Holy Spirit enables behaviour to recognise who Jesus is. (1 Cor. 12:3) and He enables us also to follow His examples (2 Cor 3:18). The Holy Spirit guides us into “all truth” about the Father and His ways. The Holy Spirit teaches us how to worship and with the knowledge of God’s word and the backings of the Holy Spirit, the right choice of word to venerate God is given.
3. Reverence: A feeling or attitude of profound respect usually reserved for the sacred or divine. From the revelation of who God is, we are left with no option that to worship Him. The father seeks for worshippers that would worship Him for who He is from their very inside. Not vain worship that ends on the lips.

1. We are refreshed
2. We tend to know more about God
3. Revelations, ground breaking solutions to problems can be revealed to us.
4. It brings down God’s Glory
5. It releases His gifts upon the worshiper
6. The Father’s need is fulfilled.
7. Our spirit man is revived and energised.

This Post was sent in by Adegeye ‘Bayo (Benin)